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ERA-NET Optimering av tunna beläggningar (ERA-NET Optmiization Thin Asphalt layers)

Sponsors, duration, budget: Vägverket ; 2008-03-15 -- 2011-06-30 ; 1220000 kronorRegistration number:
Subject(s): Abstract: Optimering av tunna beläggningar i Europa.Abstract: The objective of the project is to produce a state of the art report and recommendations concerning the use of “thin applications” of hot mixes (thicknesses from 10 to 30 mm) as wearing courses. There are various ways to execute them using various kinds of mixes - e.g. gap graded or stone mastic asphalt - as well as various ways of applying them - heating, remixing and traditional laying as well as combined spraying and spreading (ultra thin process). Some products and processes are proprietary but should be included in the work to reach the objectives of the project.
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