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Sponsors, duration, budget: Vägverket ; 2008-01-01 -- 2010-06-30 ; 1159000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vägverket TR40 A 2008:4311
  • Trafikverket 2010/5491
Subject(s): Online resources: Abstract: Up-to-date safety attributes are needed by road authorities and for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS applications are commercial products that can contribute significantly to achieving objectives for reducing the yearly number of road fatalities on European roads by half in 2010. The fact that solutions for providing access to such data, and especially to timely incremental updates thereof do hardly exist in Europe constitutes a major bottleneck in the data chain for largescale exploitation of in-vehicle road safety applications. A viable solution would require commitment by road authorities to report and notify updates in a timely and standardized manner. The ROSATTE project aims at establishing an efficient and quality ensured data supply chain from public authorities to commercial map providers with regards to safety related road content. The ROSATTE project will consider national organisational issues and technical interoperability issues and include a substantial number of road authorities and motorways operators, both with and without national road databases. The proposed solution is based on appropriate procedures and tools to be implemented by road authorities (data owners) at the different levels (national, regional, local) with respects to their organisational and legal framework and an adapted harmonised data exchange infrastructure. A viable solution needs to generate benefits for the administrations themselves in addition to enabling the data provision to third parties. Hence, one effect of this project may be that road authorities decide to move forward to establish national road databases. The ROSATTE project intends to develop the enabling infrastructure and supporting tools that will ensure European access to road safety attributes including incremental updates. This infrastructure will facilitate administrative internal functions as well as supply of data to third parties e.g. for safety relevant services.
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