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BVFF Långsiktig strukturell hållfasthet hos asfalt under kombinerad mekanisk- och miljöbelastning (BVFF Long-term structural integrity of asphalt under combined mechanical and environmental loading)

  • Jelagin, Denis
  • Kungliga tekniska högskolan, Universitet eller högskola, 202100-3054
Sponsors, duration, budget: Trafikverket ; 2018-09-01 -- 2022-12-31 Registration number:
  • Trafikverket 2018/80385
Subject(s): Abstract: The project seeks to determine, quantify and model the relationship between the asphalt mixture parameters and its resistance to combined environmental and mechanical loads from a performance-oriented engineering point of view. The focus will be on fracture-related failure modes, i.e. asphalt fatigue cracking, raveling, aggregate loss due to adhesive/cohesive failures at the surface. The project aims to develop new test methods, conditioning protocols and models explicitly capturing the effects of mechanical and environmental loading on asphalts degradation.
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