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Hastighetsdämpande Åtgärder på LAndsbygd - HÅLA (Speed measures on rural roads)

  • Berg, Svante
  • Movea Trafikkonsult AB, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556435-6144
Sponsors, duration, budget: Trafikverket ; 2018-06-01 -- 2023-12-31 Registration number:
  • Trafikverket 2018/42380
Subject(s): Abstract: Syftet med projekt är att öka trafiksäkerhet genom Hastighetsdämpande Åtgärder på Landsbygd. Målet är att studera, utvärdera och föreslå utformning av Hastighetsdämpande Åtgärder på Landsbygd. Projektet bidrar till funktionsmålet Tillgänglighet och hänsynsmålet SäkerhetAbstract: One of the most sought-after measures in rural areas is speed measures. Sweden's speed system is based on 70 km / h as a base speed in "rural" areas. Road department can increase to 80-110 km/h. Locally the County can lower to 60/50/40 but generally it is difficult to design at reasonable cost to get the desired speed. There are examples of speed measures in Sweden and internationally. For example, in the Netherlands, "60 bumps" have been developed, and in Denmark there is an "Catalog" with this type of measures. The purpose of the project is to increase road safety through Speed measures in rural areas. The goal is to study, evaluate speed measures in rural areas. Operation as well as maintenance aspects must be investigated.
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