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Parkeringsnormer och mobilitetstjänster (Parking norms and mobility services)

  • Sprei, Frances
  • Chalmers tekniska högskola AB, Universitet eller högskola, 556479-5598
Sponsors, duration, budget: Energimyndigheten ; 2017-10-01 -- 2019-12-31 ; 2508000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Energimyndigheten P444521
Subject(s): Abstract: Projektets övergripande syfte är att öka kunskapen om sambanden mellan parkering, mobilitetstjänster, bilanvändning och mobilitetsmönster samt identifiera under vilka omständigheter mobilitetstjänster bidrar till mer energieffektiva resmönster.Abstract: Increased energy efficiency in the transport sector requires behavioral changes and a shift from private cars to more efficient modes of transport. Access to parking both at home and at work affects vehicle ownership and use. Reduced and more expensive parking is, thus an instrument to reduce car use in cities. However, in order not to limit accessibility and mobility, fewer parking spaces should be combined with mobility services. This project aims to study the relationship between parking, mobility services, car use and mobility patterns through questionnaires and interviews with residents in different neighborhoods and workplaces. The project is a collaboration between researchers at Chalmers and IVL together with representatives from housing companies (Wallenstam, Riksbyggen) and knowledge centers (Johanneberg Science Park and Urban Futures). A continuous dialogue with these partners will allow for increased societal relevance and pertinence of the results for key stakeholders.
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