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Laddsträcka i Lund - En studie av busslinje i körsimulator (Electric road in Lund - A study of a bus line using a driving simulator)

  • Nåbo, Arne
  • Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut (VTI), Statligt forskningsinstitut, 202100-0704
Sponsors, duration, budget: Energimyndigheten ; 2016-01-25 -- 2017-12-31 Registration number:
  • Energimyndigheten P413831
Subject(s): Abstract: Syftet med projektet är att demonstrera en elektrifierad busslinje i Lund i en körsimulator. Projektet avser att bidra till att användarperspektivet beaktas i projekteringen och beslutsfattandet vid en eventuell elektrifiering av busslinjer. Genom demonstrationen förväntas en belysning ska av hur effektiv en körsimulator, som används för demonstration och kommunikation, är i opinionsbildningen. Abstract: The project will demonstrate an electric bus line in Lund in a driving simulator. The purpose is to essentially contribute to that the user perspective is taken into account in the design and decision process of the eventual electrification of bus lines in Lund. Models of an electric bus that can charge during travel will be developed and tested. In the simulator drivers can already today experience driving the electric bus line in a realistic way. By doing this, good recommendations for appropriate and attractive designs can be made. A mobile simulator will be used for demonstrations in Lund, where decision makers, actors and public are invited. The project has four parts; modelling for simulation, user study, demonstration and communication and evaluation of the effectiveness of the driving simulator as a means for creating public awareness. Project leader is VTI. Partners are Viktoria Swedish ICT and Lund city. The Centre for public transport K2 in Lund is supporting the project.
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