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Energieffektiva transporter av massgods i stora tätortsområden och storstäder (Energy efficient transports of mass goods in large urban areas and big cities)

  • Bark, Peter
  • TFK-TransportForsK AB, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556254-9468
Sponsors, duration, budget: Energimyndigheten ; 2015-03-01 -- 2016-11-30 ; 2021000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Energimyndigheten P357222
Subject(s): Abstract: Studiens syfte är att genomföra en fördjupad kartläggning av massgodsflöden i tätortsområden och energianvändningen i samband med detta. Vidare avses potentialen för en minskad energianvändning genom förändrade regelverk och nya fordonslösningar presenteras.Abstract: A main part of the goods traffic is short-distance and transport distances less than 150 km represents almost 80 % of the tonnage and 1/3 of the transport work. Bulk goods constitutes 25 % of this. Bulk goods transports are expensive, energy-intensive and carried out to 2/3 of the distance in 25 km. The vehicles used causes noise, greenhouse gases and other pollutants in environmental stressed areas. A preliminary study highlighted the effects of local restrictions on vehicle lengths and gross weights. It was showed that there is a great need of streamlined bulk goods transports in urban areas and that energy consumption can be reduced by changing regulations and new vehicle solutions. The aim of this study is to further identify bulk goods flows in urban areas and energy consumption related to this. Furthermore referred to the potential for reducing energy consumption quantified, proposals for changes in regulatory frameworks are developed and new vehicle solutions are presented.
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