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Analysis Framework for Safety Systems and Services (Analysis Framework for Safety Systems and Services)

  • Heinig, Karsten
  • Volvo Technology AB, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556542-4321
Sponsors, duration, budget: Vinnova ; 2013-05-01 -- 2015-12-31 ; 0 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vinnova 201301306
Subject(s): Online resources: Abstract: Objective and Goal: The objective of the project is to develop a generic safety evaluation framework that integrates relevant of data sources, methods and tools into a structured process for the safety evaluation of commercial vehicle safety systems and services. The framework will target not only severe accidents but also property damage only road crashes as well as non-traffic-related accidents. The goal is not to develop the framework and its components from scratch but to re-use and adapt as much as possible of the results from previous and ongoing projects in Sweden and elsewhere. Result and Expected Effects: 1: Define general structure of the envisioned framework and the key requirements on its components. 2: Perform a survey the state-of-the-art for existing data sources, methods and tools that can be used as components in the framework and identify the gaps where further research is needed.3: Adapt and refine existing methods and tools to fit into the framework and develop new methods and tools to fill the gaps. 4: Demonstrate the application of the framework to the evaluation of a set of selected safety systems and services and update the framework if neccessary. Approach and Implementation: AB Volvo will have the responsibility for defining the general framework and lead WP3, taking the main responsibility that the parallel developments in WP3 are integrated in the framework in a coherent way and ensuring its applicability to the evaluation of commercial vehicle safety systems and services. Volvo will also lead Task 3.8 on defining target scenarios, use cases and functional requirements . Finally, Volvo will lead WP4 where the framework will be demonstrated and evaluated. Chalmers University lead WP2 and will also lead all specific tasks in WP3 except Task 3.8 and 3.9.
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