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TSS-deltagande i CVIS/Safespot EU projekten (TSS Participation in CVIS/Safespot EU projects)

  • Wahlberg, Niklas
  • Lindholmen Science Park AB, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556568-6366
Sponsors, duration, budget: Vinnova ; 2007-10-01 -- 2009-12-31 ; 1050000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vinnova 200702681
Subject(s): Abstract: En utbyggd test site med ITS infrastruktur samt trafikledningscentral. Genomförda demonstrationer till ITS 2009 av fordon-till-fordon samt fordon-till-infrastruktur. EU-projekt, ingår i 6:e ramprogrammet.Abstract: The EU projects will develop Intelligent Transport System (ITS) communication technologies with the goal to create a unified technical solution that will allow all vehicles and infrastructure elements and nodes to communicate with each other in a continuous and transparent way. TSS will run the Swedish test site in the CVIS and Safespot project and demonstrate the technologies to ITS 2009. An implemented test site with ITS routers and traffic command center. Conducted demonstrations of vehicle-to-X technologies and applications. EU (6th framwork, CVIS & Safespot)
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