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Kravprofiler för material i fordon anpassade efter våra framtida samhällens behov (Requirements on materials in vehicles designed to meet the needs of our future societies)

  • Carlsson, Bo
  • Högskolan i Kalmar, Universitet eller högskola, 202100-3179
Sponsors, duration, budget: Vinnova ; 2008-03-14 -- 2008-09-30 ; 221500 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vinnova 200800234
Subject(s): Abstract: Projektarbetet förväntas resultera i förslag till motiverade forskningsinsatser kring de mest intressanta materiallösningarna för framtidens fordonAbstract: What kind of materials that can be used in the design of future vehicles, will in the future mostly be dictated by laws restricting the level of carbon dioxide emission from a car and by the steadily increasing prices on oil and other raw materials. In the time perspective 15 to 20 years, we, however, believe the requirements will be much harder to meet than in the nearest future and new technologies are needed, requiring a revolution rather than an evolution in materials design for future vehicles. In the present project we will start from a possible future scenario on the development of the prices of oil and other natural resources and by adopting a holistic approach we will thereafter attempt to set up suggestions on what will be the end-user and product requirements on the materials suitable to use in vehicles for our future societies. From the project work important areas for material research and efforts needed to best support the development material solutions for future vehicles will be identified.
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