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  • Nyberg, Mattias
  • Scania CV AB, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556084-0976
Sponsors, duration, budget: Vinnova ; 2012-03-01 -- 2015-12-31 Registration number:
  • Vinnova 201104446
Subject(s): Online resources: Abstract: Syfte och mål: Modelling and analysis methodology, Guidelines and tool recommendations for model-based engineering of embedded system at Scania, Application and evaluation of the developed concepts. Förväntade effekter och resultat: Improved and more efficient work practices at Scania A significant increase in readiness to comply with ISO 26262. Competence development for participating persons and organizations including one educated PhD. Enhanced network between Scania and KTH. Publications including reports, research papers and one doctoral thesis. Provide a new course at KTH and case studies as part of existing courses. Planerat upplägg och genomförande: The project startup phase (WP1) has the goal to build a team of industrial and academic co workers that know each other, and that through initial work have established a better understanding of industrial needs, best practices and research perspectives to the studied problems. Relevant industrial functions/systems will be chosen as a basis for case studies to be performed in WP2 and WP3, and used for initial work to concretize needs/research findings and to clarify terminology. These example systems and case studies form an important part of the approach. Abstract: The ESPRESSO project has the overall objective to develop and adapt model-based techniques that improve the quality and reduce the cost for development of embedded systems in trucks, and especially safety critical systems. The main technical result from the project will be a modeling and analysis methodology that supports reasoning about the system robustness and reliability, safety analysis, and verification. Furthermore, guidelines and tool recommendations for industrial adoption of a model-based approach to embedded systems engineering at Scania will be derived.
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