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BorLight (BorLight)

Sponsors, duration, budget: Energimyndigheten, Gestamp HardTech AB, Scania CV AB, Volvo Personvagnar AB ; 2011-08-01 -- 2013-03-01 ; 7346600 kronorRegistration number:
  • Energimyndigheten 2010002331
Subject(s): Abstract: Målet med projektet är att sänka fordonsvikten genom att använda presshärdat borstål i karosstrukturen. På en personbilskaross respektive en hyttstruktur till en lastvagn så är det framtida målet med 30 respektive 50 kg viktbesparing i en kaross- respektive hyttstruktur. Abstract: Tougher environmental regulations forcing the automotive industry to continually look for solutions with lower fuel consumption. It can be achieved by reducing vehicle weight by using hot stamped boron steel. On a passenger car body and a cab structure to a truck there is a significant potential for weight reduction. In order to achieve the future goal of 30 and 50kg weight saving of a car body and a cabin structure by using hot stamped boron, new techniques and critical aspects are to be developed, evaluated and verified in order to meet new requirements and applications. The project aims to ensure that these objectives can be realized.
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