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Slutrapport och konferens “Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change (Final Report and Conference on “Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change)

Sponsors, duration, budget: Trafikverket ; 2010-06-01 -- 2011-02-14 Registration number:
  • Trafikverket 2010/78826
Subject(s): Online resources: Abstract: “Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change” is a trans-national joint research programme that was initiated by ERA-NET ROAD (ENR). “ERA-NET ROAD – Coordination and Implementation of Road Research in Europe” is a Coordination Action funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the EC. The participating National Road Administrations (NRA) in this cross-border funded Joint Research Programme are Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. They established the Programme Executive Board (PEB) with Sweden as the Programme Leader (PL) and Austria as the Programme Executive Board Chairman or Programme Executive Chair (PEC). The PEB uses the “Common Obligation Programme Model” from the ‘ENR toolkit’ to perform this cross-border funded joint call for proposals. The call for proposals is conducted by the Swedish Transport Administration under Swedish law and regulations and the budget for this Joint Research Programme is jointly funded by all participants of the PEB. This is a legally binding Collaboration Agreement (CA) that defines the responsibilities between the Parties involved in this trans-national joint research programme. It is based on trust, common understanding and commitment and on Swedish law. The reference number of this programme within ERA-NET Road is “ENR SRO3”.
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