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Development of ICT based systems and services for Smart Urban Mobility with focus on urban goods and logistics. (Development of ICT based systems and services for Smart Urban Mobility with focus on urban goods and logistics)

Sponsors, duration, budget: Vägverket ; 2010-03-01 -- 2010-04-15 ; 85000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vägverket 2010/12970
Subject(s): Notes: Resultatsammanfattning / Summary of project results: Proposal abstract Within the spectrum of issues relating to smart urban mobility, urban freight and logistics are field with a relatively recent history of policy and technology investments, and with a considerable optimization potential driven by ICT?based tools and services. The intent of SURF is to unite highly committed sites in Israel, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom in their common quest to research and test innovative solutions for more efficient, economic, safe and sustainable urban freight and logistics systems. Relying on supportive political climate, SURF seeks to address three main freight?related areas: last mile management, system?vehicle cooperation and accessible and integrated logistics information services. The project favours an approach calling for research and demonstration of ICT?based schemes tackling the three topics from slightly different standpoints: predictive and decision?support models, traffic management systems, realtime information integration and multimodality. By the end of project, SURF expects the four participating urban freight and logistics systems to be more cooperative, smart and permissive, with a considerably healthier environmental footprint and economic vitality. A distinctive project feature is the determination to linking up with the community of related projects and relevant authorities, operators and researchers, which all too often work in isolation and disperse valuable data and potential synergies. In order to facilitate the dissemination of the experience gathered through SURF, the project partners have designed a work plan that concludes each main stream of activity with technical and non?technical reports and handbooks suitable to benefit authorities, technicians and managers. SURF is articulated in six work packages, with a predominant RTD component, a substantial demonstration phase, and supporting transversal activities for the management, evaluation and dissemination of project results.Abstract: Funding: EU:s 7:e frame programme (Information and Communication Technologies ICT) Area: Objective ICT-2009.6.2: ICT Mobility of the Future Project idea: Development of ICT based systems and services for Smart Urban Mobility with focus on Urban goods and logistics. Suggested focus area is to develop and investigate how information systems can be used for using information at an early stage in the delivery/ordering process (at the time of order) in terminals and in e-commerce. The specific case will target durable goods, functional deliveries and express deliveries. It will also target and investigate how to combine information from different actors (or when it comes to e-commerce, different private persons), make use of the available information available at an early stage to be able to consolidate the goods and provide more efficient deliveries. A demonstration will be made by the partner company Tretti.se developing an interface where customers, the transport operator and the vendor can be coordinated offering an opportunity to combine customized distribution of goods and efficient planning of transport operations. This will result in a proactive distribution concept where customers and the transport operator will interact in the planning process.
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