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Bildförbättringsprogramvara för små UAV:er kan dubblera deras prestationsförmåga (Real Time Enhancement Software for Aerial Reconnaissance with applications for small UAV:s)

  • Klomp, Harald
  • Imint Image Intelligence, Svenskt företag eller organisation, 556730-9751
Sponsors, duration, budget: Vinnova ; 2008-10-16 -- 2009-12-31 ; 1200000 kronorRegistration number:
  • Vinnova 200803251
Subject(s): Online resources: Abstract: De förväntade resultatet är en programvara som uppfyller projektmålen. Detta projekt har era samarbetspartners som direkt, eller indirekt kan använda den programvara som tas fram. Abstract: Within the project framework will be carried out research and product development with a view to a wider community to bring increased capabilities to follow time-critical events. Societal Benefits of, for example, unmanned aircraft is that they can complement the manned reconnaissance resources available and deployed in situations where a manned aircraft is considered too dangerous to use. Since the systems so far are relatively expensive, it is today, most military use out of this new technology. The future civilian market looks however, to be much larger than what the military is today. The possibility of dual-use of IMINTs technology is great. Project objectives are to mosaic images on a map; A few hundred less photos sewn together into a coherent picture. Stabilization of the image by reducing unwanted motion in the video with at least 1 = 3, low-delay (target 25 MS). Removal of motion blur where the sharpness is increased to double or better. Spectrum Optimization where eekten of Fog and mist are minimized. Super Resolution (increase in the resolution of images with at least 50 per cent). Allow to run IHVERT on a MEMS computer weighing less than five grams. The expected result is a software that meets the project objectives.
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